Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Short Week, Lots of Learning!

What a short week! Even though we had a very short week we were very busy! Let me start with Morning Meeting. We tried a new greeting which was called the "snow ball fight" greeting. Each student wrote their name on a piece of paper and crumpled it up. We then threw our "snowballs" around our circle. After the fun chaos ended, each student grabbed a snowball and then said good morning to the student whose name is on the snowball. It was so much fun! Here is a snapshot into our morning message. This morning we had a new fun acitivity for our morning message. Each "bubbled" word we had to come up with an action to represent the word. Check it out!

We also had lots of fun creating our fairy tales this week! Jackson did a great job sharing what a fairy tale is. He did an ENTIRE lesson on it - it was great to see Jackson teach about what he knows as well as the other students respond in such an awesome way.
I hope you have enjoyed our peek into our week :) My hope is in the next coming weeks to create a "day in the life of a 2nd grader. I can't wait to have a full week of learning next week! Have a wonderful weekend and break!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Wanted Fairy Tales

Welcome to our WANTED Fairy Tale Characters! Our students have been working so hard on creating wanted posters to post around the school. I am hoping this video works! Stay tuned for more fun videos and pictures from this week :) 

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Ready To Learn!

What a great week we had in 2nd grade! We were so busy with lots of fun things happening. We had a fire drill, evacuation drill as well as a lock down drill. The 2nd graders did such a great job! We have had such a busy and fun week learning about so many different things. So here we go :)

Welcome to morning meeting! I am planning each week to introduce you to a new component of what we do during morning meeting. The first part of the day is one of my favorites! It gives everyone (including me) a chance to say good morning and hello to everyone, it is called "the greeting". Students use creative ways to say good morning to others using their first names. This is a component of Responsive Classroom - which I implement on a daily basis. Click this link here to learn more about Responsive Classroom :) I originally had a video but it wouldn't upload. I plan on this week using my "fancy" camera to video tape. Hopefully I will be able to upload it ;)

We have been working hard on our fairy tale characters! When you come to conferences this week you will notice all of our hard work in the hallway. Here are some pictures of them being created :)

We also had the great opportunity to go to art this week Todd! Todd is the art teacher for our 6-8 graders at Parkview. We get to work with Todd for 6 straight days in a row :) That means our 2nd graders are getting quality art instruction - and some laughs as well. I am sure by now your student has let you know how funny Todd is - he brightens up everyones day. We are working on Roosters using oil pastels as well as tissue paper and paint. These art pieces are turning out beautiful! 

 I hope you have enjoyed a sneak peek into our week. More to come next week! Have a great weekend everyone!!

Sunday, September 27, 2015



I am so excited to share with you our learning journey this year through pictures, videos and stories. I have always wanted to start a blog for my families and this year is the year! I really want to show you as much as possible what your student is doing in school, and what better way than through pictures! This is just a way for you to share in our education journey together. I hope to post as many times as I can. There will be no updates on when things are due, just on what we are doing in class :) I am so excited to share in your child's education journey this year!