Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Library Organization! And a Freebie!

Alright, honest talk right now. My library has always been a hot mess! Looping through first and second grade year after year has made it difficult to organize my library. And again, lets me honest here, I like cute clipart, cute bins and cute everything. So this summer I decided it was TIME. I organized, I printed, cut, laminated and rampaged searched through the Target dollar spot for those adorable and CHEAP (AMEN) sticky pocket squares.

Run to your nearest target to get these things! They are so versatile!

Enter Phase 2: Creating these labels!
So I am a fairy indecisive person, that is why classroom themes are so difficult for me. So as I started I figured I really like the chalkboard look with some brights thrown in there. So I created this set. I fell in love with these labels so much! Then I started to slowly but surely add to the list - it is now up to 194 labels! I am sure as I organize more and teach through the year more will come. Take a look at how I organized them in my room! I love the idea of using magazine holders to store my leveled books, it makes book shopping for my students as well as leveled readers for guided reading a snap!

Click on the picture or HERE to be taken to my TPT shop to purchase these labels. I have so many other themes as well including burlap, sports theme, plain white background and #selfie. I also organize these books with simple stickers that match the label (my students love to help me organize my books daily, and this really helps me as well! These stickers are also included in the pack :)


I like to use weather cards in my room as one of my jobs. Pick it up at my shop and enjoy all of the cuteness that comes with it! I like my students to think as weather in different ways than just "Its cold outside." So in the packet I have also included seasons, temperature and other weather conditions that you could typically experience outside. Click the picture to go and download it!

Happy Teaching!